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EC Visit Updates & Essential Caregivers 

EC’s currently are permitted to visit twice a week. In order to visit you must have tested negative the week before and are being tested on a weekly basis. 

Essential Caregivers (EC) Policy and Procedure 

Please note:  this is not a Visitor’s Policy 

Each resident may have a designated EC if they deem it is a benefit to their own health. A resident may designate more than one EC and EC’s do not have to be family members however EC’s do need to be adults (18 or over).  If a resident has dementia the resident’s representative may ask to have an EC designated.  The request for the EC should include the specific reasons why the resident will benefit from the EC visit.  The requests shall be documented by the facility and should be submitted to one of the following; Mary Lou Mossberg, Sonya Vaughn, or John Barker.

This policy may be suspended at any time due to community, staff, resident or family exposure to the Corona Virus.  Individual EC visits will be suspended in the following circumstances.

1.      EC visits will be prohibited with residents that have the corona virus or are in a 14-day isolation period.

2.      If an EC test’s positive for the Corona Virus he/she must not visit until the following guidelines have been met.

a.       Minimum of 21 days has passed since the onset of symptoms, or test result if there were not any symptoms.

b.      The EC has not had any symptoms, without the use of medication, for at least three days prior to his/her return

3.      An EC visit will not be allowed if the EC has any symptoms or has had any symptoms in the past three days.  In that case we will ask that the EC will receive another Corona Virus test before resuming visits.

Overview of visits:

1.      EC’s will need to schedule their visits between 9:30AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday excluding lunch and visits are limited to three hours maximum.  Weekend or evening visits are allowable if work, or childcare, is a barrier to the Monday through Friday timeframe.

2.      The visits must be in the resident’s room only, although the EC may take the resident for a walk, outside only, if desired.  When walking outside intermittent stops at restaurants or stores are not allowed.  When getting outside detours to other areas of the facility are not allowed.

3.      The EC may also visit with the resident on the family side of the patio if there is room, however patio visits will take priority.

4.      If a resident has an EC, then “patio visits” are not allowed to be used by the same EC.

5.      Eating or drinking is not allowed during the visit by either the resident, or the EC, as masks are required to be worn at all times.

6.      EC’s must wear the facility required personal protective equipment (PPE).  Currently that is a surgical face mask and face shield.

7.      The resident must also wear a mask during the visit.

8.      PPE requirements apply to both outside and inside the building, including walking the resident outside

9.      Visits to the community are prohibited.

10.   An EC may take the resident to an essential medical appointment as long as there are not any intermediate stops or contact with anyone else other than the clinic employees.

EC Requirements

 1.      EC’s must be tested for the Corona Virus before their first visit (the test must be negative, of course).  EC’s must get tested at the same frequency that staff are tested.  Test results do need to be given to the facility.

2.      All EC’s must be screened at the business entrance, don their PPE, and then go directly to the resident’s room.  The EC is not to use the public bathrooms.

3.      EC’s must practice proper infections control measures including using hand sanitizer before and after touching surfaces.

4.      EC’s must remain two meters away from other residents and staff.

5.      If a resident has more than one EC, only one can visit at a time.  Again, maximum visit time in one day is three hours between all EC’s.

6.      The EC must complete the Essential Caregiving Orientation, including proper infection control, screening, use of PPE.  All of these items are included in this policy

7.      The EC must read this policy and procedure and sign off on the bottom that they understand the policy, have been trained regarding this policy and will abide by our policy at all times.


If an EC has any concerns, he/she may contact John Barker, Administrator, at 651-632-3503 or 651-402-5462.  An EC may also call the Ombudsman for Long-Term Care at 651-431-2555 or 1-800-657-3591.

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