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Physical therapy is a service that provides residents professional therapists to achieve their maximum potential towards their previous level of function. Treatment may include the following: balance, muscle strengthening, functional ambulation and transfers.


Occupational therapy is a service that improves performance of personal daily performance tasks at the most safe and independent level as possible. These daily performance tasks may include: getting dressed, using the bathroom, functional mobility, home management skills, cognition, and/or leisure activities. OT may be warranted following a change in medical or cognitive status, surgery, fall(s), or bone fracture. Most of our residents received their personalized occupational therapy plan of care directly in their room - which promotes task follow-through in his/her own, familiar environment. Our OT team consists of one full-time and two part-time therapists, whom are all direct employees of St. Anthony Park Home and provide therapy Monday through Fridays (Saturdays, if warranted).

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